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Episode #95: When Hard Work Isn't Enough Learn to Teleport To Where You Want to Go

I've always worked hard according to other people standards. But inside, especially when I wasn't getting results, I thought just the opposite. I thought that because I wasn't getting results, that I must not be working hard.

Well that thinking kept me in a steady grind, but it didn't give me steady succeeding. It's when I learned a simple unhidden secret that all my hard work finally began to pay off. I'll share it with you.....

Out... H.X.

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Episode #94: Eddie Kane Jr of The 5 Heartbeats Ain't Got Nothing On Me

Today I was singing The 5 Heartbeats, The House is a Heart for Love. You remember that song? Well it came on and I started blowing like Eddie Kane. Then just like my dad used to do to me, I turned to my daughter and said  "you don't know nothing about this". 

LOL, I was really getting it. And you know what, it's these moments of pure rawness, that once expanded to all areas of our life can make all the difference in the world.

Out... H.X.

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Oh and Buy The 5 Heartbeats Bluray Release (Classic) 

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Episode #92: How Different Would Life Would Be If You Were Playing in the Superbowl?

Did your team win today? If not I feel for you,
because now you may not have anything to give
your mental focus, emotion, and energy to.

So what will you do now? Well, here's a novel idea.
How about deciding to channel efforts into
creating your own Superbowl. Let me show you how....

Out... H.X.

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Episode #91: You May Be Handicapping Your Kids by Trying to Make Them More Confident

It's real simple,
how can our kids learn and strive if we've lowered the bar
(celebrate everything and everyone) and at the same time
don't get critical when that low bar isn't met? 

Sure kids need to develop confidence,
but help them do it in areas where they
can actually contribute.
This will send the right message.

If you want to step up as a Father, then check out our Powerful Parenting System here.
If you want to step up as a Mother, then check out our O.N.E. Coaching Program here

Out... H.X.

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Episode #90: While you're blaming the BIG stuff, the LITTLE stuff is actually killing you

.... REVELATION..... 

Before I used to let the littlest things stop me.
But I didn't realize it because it was always hidden. 

Why? Because I was actually

co-signing my continued failure.
And you may too! Listen to find out how......

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Out... H.X.

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Here's a catch 22.
We want what we want, but 
don't want to face resistance to get it. 

But isn't that silly?

Think about it, wasn't your last big challenge
easier to get over than you thought it would be?

In most cases, Yes. So why do we often
shy away from challenges? .......

Go to http://one.hasanix.com to get ONE Coaching
to totally transform all areas of your life.

Out... H.X.

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Episode #88: He Ignored the Warning Signs and He Lost His Business and Family

Many times we think our major challenges just pop out of thin air. Well they don't. They actually take considerable neglect over time to build up enogh momentum to knock us down. What makes this worse is that none of it ever had to happen. We could have stopped it all if and only if we just paid attention to the writting on the wall. 

Out... H.X.

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Episode #87: Today I Got to Kiss The Softest Lips that God Has Ever Made. Did you?

Today I got to wake up and kiss the softest lips that God has ever made. And here's the deal, it wasn't always that way. I had to fight, scrap, claw, and do everything I could for the right to kiss those lips. So today let me tell you my story and how it can help you totally transform your relationship so that you get to wake up and kiss the softest lips that God has every made. 

Out... H.X.

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Episode #86: Men It's Time to Stand Up because Women Have Been Kicking our Butts...

I've noticed over the past year that enrollment at The Mastery School has been 2 to 1 for women to men. And get this I don't even target women. Why is that? Well women have been raising their hand and empowering themselves like never before. So much so, they are kicking our but across the board in all areas of life (just look up the statistics). It's impressive, so I salute all women, while at the same time saying "Men It's Time to Stand Up"

Out... H.

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I got a little heated with this one, so I expect many out there to be offended, especially those that I send this directly to. But that's ok, because those that it connects with will grow more tonight in just 20 minutes than they have in years. So be well and blessed as you receive this message. I't HOT!....

Out... H.X.

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