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Finding the time and discipline to take care of yourself can be difficult. That's why I advocate for Lifestyle Integration, where daily activities naturally flow with what you already have going on. 

In today's podcast, we talk about the importance and ease of Lifestyle Integration for taking care of yourself and going into the world the strongest version of you.


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Rene Descartes  "Cogito, Ergo Sum", meaning, "I think, therefore I am" makes sense until you consider "What am I when I stop thinking?" My contention is you're much better when you STOP thinking. 

In today's podcast, we explore a deadly disease called over thinking and how it erodes our ability to perform and express our highest self. 

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Stop trying to be better and instead focus on being different. Being better is exhausting with diminishing returns on investment, both materially and in terms of one's  purpose, happiness, and sense of meaning.

Be different not better. 

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Thank your habits and behaviors for where you are in life, because they are the biggest factor for where you stand.

In today’s podcast, we talk about how to hack behavior and create new habits for success. Plus, I share two great stories about how I helped Mr. Miyagi change with only Bic Pen (my Macgyver story) and how I got a prisoner to resist Tameka’s good p#ssy (warning... the story is graphic, crude, funny, and 100% relevant to changing your deepest habits).

Show Notes

  • Introduction
  • How Habits Create Outcomes
  • Shout Out To New Xecute Sciences Client
  • Love - Passion - Appreciation (Got To Have It)
  • Why It’s Hard to Change Habits & Behavior
  • The Asshole Backwards Way We Try To Change
  • The Fallacy of Will Power in Changing Behavior
  • Why You Shouldn’t Try to Change Behavior
  • Behavior Is A Response - It’s an Effect Not a Cause
  • Making It Real - Chose a Behavior You Want to Change
  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg & Why’s It’s Brilliant
  • How I Helped Mr. Miyagi Change With Only A Bic Pen (my Macgyver story)
  • Why You’re Doing What You’re Doing
  • Hacking Your Behavior for a Right Now Result
  • Limitations of Hacking Behavior and Where It Falls Short
  • The Neuroscience of Behavior And Why Our Urges Never Go Away
  • Deeper Level Behavior Change for Stubborn Habits and Behaviors
  • How I Fast and Meditate 12 Plus Hours For 7 Straight Days
  • How to Resist Tameka’s Pussy (real life prison story, funny..)
  • The P-Code and 3I’s of Integration and Influence for Holistic Permanent Change

Visit me online at www.hasanix.com

Xecute Seminar at www.xecuteseminar.com

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Are you a visionary with big plans for tomorrow that don't quite seem to pan out? If so, you may have what I call visionary blindness. That's when a leaders or entrepreneurs lofty vision of tomorrow causes blindness to today's opportunity.

Listen to today's podcast where we talk about grand ideas and how to reach them by connecting to massive opportunity today.

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Turns out that no amount of leadership skills can make up for lack of assertiveness. For example, research shows that leaders who were rated high (in the 75th percentile) as having good judgment but lower on assertiveness had only a 4.2% chance of being highly rated as an effective leader. Wow, only 4.2% - looks like it's time to rethink what being assertive means for being a great leader.

Join us in today's podcast where we explore how to become an assertive and self-confident leader that others believe in and follow.


Assertiveness is not what you do, it's who you are! -- Shakti Gawain

Can we get real for a second and have an uncomfortable conversation? I'm talking -- my mommy didn't love me, my uncle molested me, and I don't believe in myself uncomfortable. I know that sound less than appealing, but I guarantee this conversation can be a game changer if you're courageous enough to have it.

In today's podcast, we have a heart to heart about pain, deep trauma, and how to finally get past it for good.

Out.. H.X.

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We've all heard that a house divided is a house that fails. Well, what of a man divided? 

In today's podcast, we explore the destructive power of division and how to use it to create a better life. To divide is to destroy, but to destroy is also to create. Let's talk destruction, shall we.

Out... H.X.

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Most of us are not aware of the Mediocre Middle Trap. It's one of those beautiful traps that ensnares us without us ever knowing it. 

In today's podcast, I share some tips on how to escape the Mediocre Middle and move into more of your potential and possibility.

Out... H.X.

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There are challenges we see coming; then there are those we don't. Most only concern themselves with the later. While, those that excel go the extra mile and work on meeting the challenges they don't even know they have. 

In today's Xecuters Daily Dose, I discuss Blind Spots and hidden challenges, what they are and how to account for them for better performance and outcomes.

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